Jerome van den Berghe

Musical Director • Arranger • Keyboard Player

Aladdin – Croydon

Jerome is currently Musical Director for Aladdin at the Waddon Theatre, Croydon. Produced by Q productions and running until 31st December 2016


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Loserville – Liverpool Theatre School

Jerome is Musical Director for Loserville at the Liverpool Theatre School

Loserville is the final production for the third year diploma students and will be performed at the Capstone Theatre, Liverpool on the 21st and 22nd of June. Direction is by Alex Howarth with choreography by Graeme Pickering.


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The Memory Show

Jerome will be Musical Director for the European premiere of the Off Broadway musical The Memory Show running from 11th to 20th February 2016 at the Drayton Arms. Tickets are available here

“When a daughter comes home to care for her aging mother, the pressure starts to build on their turbulent relationship. Forced to live side by side, will they ever reach an understanding as they unravel their conflicting memories of the past?

Produced by New Bard Productions and Verse Unbound, this European Premiere of the critically acclaimed contemporary musical presents an honest and bitterly funny portrait of a mother, a daughter and their relationship with cruel realities. Written by the 2014 Winners of the prestigious Jonathan Larson Award, Redler and Cooper, this production stars Carolyn Maitland (Miss Saigon, From Here to Eternity) and Ruth Redman (Passion Play, Ghosts), with direction by Alex Howarth.”

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The Platform LDN

Jerome will be musical director for The Platform LDN on the 27th April at the Backstage Bar, The Spice of Life, produced by TwentySomething and featuring music by Drew Gasparani, Alex Wyse, Ryan Scott Oliver and Gaby Alter

“THE PLATFORM is a concert series providing a stage for new composers and performers. An opportunity for talent to be heard.”

Platform LDN poster

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See here for news and updates on upcoming or current projects.

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